Strano Golf Academy PGA Tour and Professional Success Stories 

Several tour players train at the academy and they have had success in winning and in improving their games. 
Look below for the stats from the PGA Tour where they have improved…

There are currently over 20 players from the academy playing at the collegiate or getting ready to enter the collegiate level. They go to schools like Florida State, Southern Mississippi, Troy, Florida, Gardner Webb, Loyola, and Montevallo, just to name a few. Over the last few years the high school players of the year in the panhandle have come from the Strano Golf Academy program for juniors. Rob can also count among his students a Heisman Trophy winning QB, a Super Bowl champion QB and a basketball coach who won two NCAA National championships as well as successful people from all walks of life.

Players Performances:

  • Won Monday Qualifier on LPGA Tour – Kingsmill 
  • Top 2 out of 3 Qualifiers US Open Local qualifying
  • Collegiate winners and Semi-Finalist Nicklaus Award
  • Panhandle High School Boys and Girls POY numerous times
  • Miller Lite Scratch Tour POY and Overall Champion

Coached PGA Tour Players to Improvements in These Statistical Categories 

NUMBER 1 Rankings Include: 

  • 3 Putt Avoidance from 101st to #1 
  • Bounce Back from 80th to #1 
  • Approaches shots 50-75 from 132nd to #1 
  • Approaches shots 150-125 from 99th to #1 
  • Approaches shots 100 – 125 from 58th to #1 

Other Shot Link Statistical Improvements: 

  • Greens in Regulation <75 yards from 168th to 16th 
  • Approaches shots “GO FOR IT” 250-275 from 117th to 23rd 
  • Average Distance to the Green After “GO FOR IT” shot from 173rd to 35th 
  • Driving Distance from 120th to 38th 
  • Birdie Conversion from 146th to 43rd 
  • Birdie Average from 120th to 47th 

PGA Tour Players Significant Rankings From Instruction 

  • #1 – Fairways Hit in Regulation 
  • #1 – Total Driving 
  • #1 – Bounce Back 
  • #1 – 3 Putt Avoidance 
  • #1 – Approaches from 50-75
  • #1 – Approaches from 100-125 
  • #1 – Approaches from 50-125 
  • #1 – Bounce Back 
  • Top 10 – Proximity to the hole 

Other Touring Professional Coaching Success Stories: 

  • 36 consecutive rounds of par or better 
  • Tour Pro after putting training 4 round putting total in competition of 102 putts (25.5 per round)
  • PGA Tour player tournament after putting training = 104 putts