Rob Strano Golf Channel clips


Rob Strano has made numerous appearances on Golf Channel especially
on Morning Drive and School of Golf with Martin Hall.

If you missed him live here is some of the great coaching from the clips for you to watch.

This is the famous wine bottle segment from Morning Drive.
One player that tried this drill told Rob that it lowered his handicap to the best it had been in a year!
And then said it is the first drill he had ever done where he could drink his training aid when finished!

This drill for better bunker play was a "blast" to shoot and got lots of laughs from the crew!
It even got recognized by the website Ruthless Golf that said this about the clip:
"Some tips are just to cool to ignore. This is one of them!"
Rob invites special guests Justin Timberlake, Steph Curry and Alphonso Ribeiro to help him with the tip.
See how the dance "The Carlton" can help your bunker play!

Rob appeared on Morning Drive with host of The Golf Fix Michael Breed.
The two of them shared an entertaining segment to help your putting!
See the keys Rob shares with his players to help them putt better!

Watch this amazing clip dedicated to the best golf movie of all time:
Rob shows you how to "be the ball" and find your ball position with your eyes closed.
But he does it like Danny in the movie and blindfolds himself.
What happens next is amazing...Watch and see!!!!

Do you love your cell phone?
Here is a tip that utilizes your phone and your swing to fix a common error!
Practice this and see your backswing improve!

How can your Christmas list help your game?
Sit down with Rob as he makes his list and explains how to play better shots on the course.
Follow his advice and get everything on your list on and off the course!