About Rob

Rob Strano is a Golf Channel Academy Lead Instructor and is based out of Destin, Florida. He combines his unique experiences as a player on professional golf tours and teacher into a training program for golfers at all levels of ability. Early in his professional career he was an instructor/Lead Instructor with the golf schools at Pine Needles Resort in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Rob’s training program is an accumulation of experience as a teacher, student and player competing against the best players in the world.
Rob is a native of St. Louis, MO where he grew up at the same country club as 1968 Masters Champion Bob Goalby and touring professionals Jay and Jerry Haas and Frank Connor. At the age of six he began playing and was aided by a putting green his father installed in the backyard of their home. Previous to coming to Kelly Plantation he played professional golf for 15 years. Rob played tournaments on the three major US Tours (PGA, Nationwide, NGA/Hooters). As a player, he won 5 times with his last at the 1999 Energizer Invitational. Rob also earned his reputation as one of the "nicest players on tour" by donating a significant amount of his time to share his expertise at numerous charity events and outings. In 2003 Rob developed a national deaf youth instruction program and he currently travels the country teaching deaf children how to play golf in sign language at PGA/LPGA Tour events. He is the only professional in the world actively teaching out to the deaf kids in the United States.

Along with the individual instruction that is available he also does corporate and charity clinics and outings during the year that are tailored to the needs of the client and the group. Rob coaches players of all levels including several Touring Professionals from the PGA Tour and mini-tours as well as the top boys and girls high school players in the panhandle of Florida. Rob was named an honorable mention Top 50 Youth Golf Instructor by US Kids Golf in 2010, 2011, and 2012 and his nationally recognized junior golf program produces numerous tournament winners throughout the year. 
Rob is widely considered one of the top putting instructors in the country. His new putting training aid, Fuzion Dyn-A-line, has been an incredible success at helping players execute a better stroke and make more putts (www.FuzionPutting.com). Rob is part of the prestigious advisory board for FlightScope and a featured instruction writer for GolfWRX online. 
The Strano Academy motto of "Leave Your Mark" is a saying that Rob's players hear at the end of every lesson and pertains to the amount of work necessary to be a top level player as well as a top level person. Rob has the goal of making golf easier to understand and play. To teach you as an individual; and give you a golf swing that fits your body build and helps you make as athletic a golf swing as possible. A lesson objective is to have an enjoyable experience and see improvement. 

Interesting note about Rob Strano  *** 

Rob is a survivor of a rare virus called Guillan Barre Syndrome (GBS).  It is a unknown disease which attacks the nerves in the spine that send the messages to the body to move.  The individual is slowly paralyzed by GBS. There is no known treatment or cure other than to let it run its course. Rob was hit by this in June of 1982 right after his senior year of HS. Within 2 weeks he was admitted to the hospital and a week later placed on a ventilator in order to breath. At that time he was fully paralyzed from the neck down. He spent 45 days in ICU unable to move and needing 24 hour care.  As per the normal course of the virus it began to retreat and Rob slowly regained feeling and movement. As one of the top players in the St. Louis area his battle received lots of media attention. Once released from the hospital in September Rob began the grueling rehab necessary in order to just to learn to walk all over again. He was told by doctors it would be a year before he played golf again, thereby putting his college golf career in jeopardy. 

Rob surprised all projections and 7 months after being released from the hospital hit a golf ball for the first time. In June of 1983 he competed in his first tournament, way ahead of schedule, and made front page news with the headline, "Incredible Comeback." The headline contained the iconic picture of his father with his arm around him after the tournament was done.  Rob continues to this day to receive phone calls and contacts from people who are battling this rare virus. Since his comeback Rob has counseled numerous patients on overcoming Guillan Barre and how to battle through and come out better on the other side of the disease. To this day, people is St. Louis still remember his comeback and recently a local doctor revealed that he went into medicine after being inspired watching Rob battle back from GBS.